The Lesson

Mini Book Review of The Lession by Cadwell Turnbull (2019) A fun read overall that explores the lives of those before and after the appearance of an alien race, the Ynna. Takes place in the Virgin Islands, exploring its culture and history. It’s this exploring of its history, focusing on slavery and slave rebellions, where it draws some interesting parallels. Also dealing with an island that went through being colonized by Europeans to now being colonized by aliens. Still unsure what they “Lesson” is, but that is perhaps because the book balances between exploring loving relationships and showing the general indifference of nature/universe. The “Lesson” is stated very explicitly in the book, but given how much in stands in contrast to the rich humanity spread throughout the book…well food for thought. Has some amazing and sometimes stomach turning descriptions of violence, describing a neck being broken by a powerful Ynna as “the sound you would hear when stepping on a branch underneath some wet leaves”. Climax was certainly a page turner. Ultimately draws upon the classic tradition of the alien serving as the other and the mirror to look back upon ourselves. Having one of those aliens live among the humans.

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