The Metabarons

Mini Book Review of Jodorowsy and Gimenez’ Epic Graphic Novel Jodorowsky is a madman. His cult filmic work is legendary, and his Incal (with Moebius) is a masterpiece. The Metabaron’s definitely satisfies any curious reader’s yearning for more after finishing The Incal. Gimenez’ art is glorious and disturbing. The graphic violence and misogyny upset me more than I had expected. I had been cautioned about this before – but gave it little thought. Its… not subtle. However, getting beyond that, the multi-generational intergalactic soap opera delivers plenty of cool ideas. A big reason I finally delved into this massive tome was Juan Gimenez’ tragic passing this past year. It was worth the price of entry to pour over his insane pages. Bristling with techno-gothic arabesques and oozing with bio-horror monstrosities, it is an overwhelming, maximalist achievement of personal style.

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