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The Many Deaths of Laila Starr

Great writing, profound themes, moving characters, and absolutely wonderful art converge in this subtle masterpiece. [...]

The Metabarons

Bristling with techno-gothic arabesques and oozing with bio-horror monstrosities, it is an overwhelming, maximalist achievement [...]


The massive world-building is a visual treat, and in the long-run the emotional story-arcs satisfy [...]

The Lesson

A fun read overall that explores the lives of those before and after the appearance [...]

The Seep

A breezy and smart twist on invasion scifi. [...]

Meeting the Universe Halfway

Barad's exhaustive tome dives deep down into her decades-long study of Neils Bohr’s philosophy of [...]

Dark Ecology

Its a wild read with at least one weird, loopy twist per page. [...]

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